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Love is not a victory march

Starting again for the very first time

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useless little sparkle
12 May
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This is an old journal. It was me, but it isn't who I am anymore.
acting, activism, adoption, all over me, androgyny, antiques, astrology, barefeet, boys in nailpolish, brian froud, bubblemen, buffy the vampire slayer, california, camping, candles, cats, cds, celtic mythology, celtic pantheon, chasing amy, cheese, clerks, clocks, collecting music, colored pencils, coloring, computers, cross dressing, cruxshadows, depeche mode, dogma, drag, dragonflies, dragonfly, drama, ebay, elves, eyeliner, faerie, faeries, faeries oracle, fashion, fiction 8, fiona apple, fire, flirting, food, forensic science, gardening, gay rights, glitter, goddesses, gods, goth, gothic, halloween, hannah fury, hedwig, html, jack o lanterns, james marsters, jaye davidson, jeff buckley, jewelry, kevin smith, kittens, klunk, lace, leather, legolas, legolas greenleaf, lord of the rings, love & rockets, makeup, mallrats, martin gore, matthew shepard, mental health, messageboards, modeling, mushrooms, music, nature, ocean, orlando bloom, outq, paganism, pat briggs, patients rights, pervy elf fancier, phone calls, photography, pineapple, pixeltrash, pixie, pixies, pixy stix, placebo, poetry, pride, processed potato products, psychotica, pumpkins, rainbows, rasputina, redwoods, religion, religious tolerance, rhea's obsession, sarah mclachlan, self esteem, sex, sexual education, sexuality, shopping, singing, sinister ducks, six, sleep, snow, songwriting, spike, stage, sunshine blind, sweat bird, switchblade symphony, synthpop, talking, tapping the vein, the angry inch, the discovery channel, the dreamside, the new detectives, the ocean, the refreshments, theatre, thrift stores, tim burton, tori amos, triste, trogdor, turkey, velvet, vinyl, websites, west coast, wings, witchcraft, writing, yatta

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